Other Evidence of Professional Capacity

This page presents other evidence of my professional capacity in computer science as required for the ICS Ph.D. Portfolio. This includes all forms of research, teaching, and service to the community and discipline, including professional vita of employment, professional presentations, reviewing of papers for conferences and journals, competitive fellowships or other external funding awards, patents, teaching, service on committees or as graduate student representatives, and letters of reference.

1. Teaching

1.1 Teacher Assistant - University of Hawaii at Manoa

Graded assignments, answered questions offline and online using Piazza, and lectured.

1.2 Professor - Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil

1.3 Teacher Assistant - Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil

2. Research

2.1 ERDL

Designed a Github project which serves to assist the supervisor and I to organize, track and maintain the sensor infrastructure and associated thermal comfort projects. The project bridges electrical engineers, computer scientists, and School of Architecture students research work, in particular facilitating knowledge transfer given the fast turnover due to student graduation. More information can be found over the project’s website.


Designed a Github project incubator which served to assist faculty and I to host, mentor, track and collaborate 17 independent studies, honors presentations, and capstones at both undergraduate and master’s student level. Students are both from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and the University of Maryland. The various sub-projects share the same goal of my PhD dissertation to predict software vulnerabilities, but range in nature based on student’s interest. More information can be found under the project’s README.

3. Internships

3.1 SGT at NASA Ames Research Center

Created a model of an attack surface between military drone communication by inserting a ‘liar’ script at the communication boundary using OpenUxAS, developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory. Poster

4. Professional Presentations

5. Service

5.1 Research Community Service

5.2 General Community Service

6. Letters of Reference

I waive my FERPA rights for the recommendation letters. The letters will be submitted by my Chairperson, Rick Kazman, in a separate e-mail from my portfolio URL submission on the same day.

7. Fellowships and Funding Awards

8. More Details

More details can be found on my CV.